Fizik Tempo R5 Powerstrap Coral-Black pyöräilykengät maantie

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Tempo Powerstrap R5 pyöräilykenkä maantie

Tempo Powerstrap R5 is a versatile road cycling shoe with an innovative Velcro closure designed for an enveloping fit.

While most Velcro closures simply pull together two sides of the shoe’s upper, in this configuration a ribbon wraps around the foot, enabling ultimate comfort and containment using just two straps. In this way, the system replicates the principle of Fizik’s Volume Control: the instep and the midfoot are separately adjustable areas that provide a fully customized fit and compression.

The R5 Nylon composite outsole is supple and comfortable even in the long haul but without compromising pedalling efficiency.


Valmistaja Fizik
Tuotteen tyyppi Maantiekenkä
Tuotteen nimi Tempo R5 Powerstrap
Pohjan materiaali Carbon reinforced nylon
Sulkemismekanismi Powerstrap Closure
Klossit Road (3 holes)
Väri Coral/Black
Yläosan materiaali PU upper perforated
Insole fi'zi:k cycling Insole
Gender Unisex