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  • Fizik Vento X3 Overcurve MTB Kengät Musta
  • Fizik Vento X3 Overcurve MTB Kengät Musta
  • Fizik Vento X3 Overcurve MTB Kengät Musta pohja
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Fizik Vento X3 Overcurve Pyöräilykengät MTB Musta

Normaalihinta €189,00 EUR
Normaalihinta Myyntihinta €189,00 EUR
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Fizik Vento X3 pyöräilykengät maastoajoon

Valmistajan kuvaus tuotteesta

Fizik Vento Overcurve X3 is an XC racing shoe designed and created to deliver its core functions: to fit precisely, protect you and transfer watts efficiently as you power through the race tape.

The Microtex upper is supple yet strong and stable for a comfortable and consistent fit. It is assembled in a sleek and streamlined yet highly ergonomic pattern, offering you the protection you need.

Overcurve is a shoe construction featuring a staggered collar that wraps around the ankle, tracing the natural misalignment of the ankle’s two bony protrusions: the lateral and medial malleoli. The result is an asymmetrical shape, with the throat of the shoe curving over the foot from its outside to its inner side. The closure is simple and secure, powered by a micro-adjustable Boa® IP1 dial.

Vento Overcurve X3 are assembled with extensive use of welding and laminated reinforcements, reducing exposed stitching that could collect dirt. They are light but tough, durable and easy to wipe and clean.

The race-orientated characteristics of these shoes are continued with the X3 carbon injected outsole: it’s minimal to save weight, but stiff for power transfer, and with an aggressive tread that claws the ground and easily sheds the mud.


Valmistaja FIZIK
Tuotteen tyyppi Kengät MTB
Tuotteen nimi Vento X3 Overcurve
Pohjan materiaali Carbon injected, with TPU studs
Kengän kiristys Single Boa IP1
Klossin kiinnitys MTB (2 holes)
Väri Black/Black
Stack height 9,85 mm
Upper material Microtex laser perforated with TPU reinforcement
Käyttäjäryhmä Miehet

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