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Tekniset sukat "Good Vibes"

Tekniset sukat kaikkeen aktiiviliikuntaan

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In a time when everything is going so fast and moments to enjoy free time are very few, we decided to launch a direct message: GOOD VIBES. If there are good vibes, everything is easier and more bearable. That’s why we are ending the world a positive message and we aim for a smile.


Koot S-M (37-41) ja L-XL (42.45)
Materiaali 95% Polyamidi, 5% Elastaani
Soveltuu Pyöräily, juoksu, crossfit ja muu aktiiviliikunta
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Airflow Technology mesh designed for a maximum ventilation.
Leg + welt height of closer to 7″
Thick upper cuff for stability
Airchband support offers mid-foot stability for a better fit. Prevents sliding moves during activity. Located in the arch of the foot, it also provides for venous return and recovery.