Ashima Action+ Road Brake Kit Shimano jarruvaijerisetti

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Vaijerisetin sisältö:
1. Outer Casing: Houses Inner wire on non-straight sections
2. Inner wire: Connects operating lever to brake/derailleur
3. Plain Ferrules: Terminates outer casing for fitting to frame/system
4. Nosed Ferrules: Used between frame stops or where the inner wire articulates
5. Weather Shield: Used with nosed ferrules to improve wire protection (optional)
6. Donuts: Protects frame from inner wire on straight sections
7. Rubber Boot: Used on V-brakes to improve environmental protection
8. Cable Tips: Prevent inner wire fraying once cut

NOTE: Exact contents, qty depend on which kit is purchased


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  • Musta APM-RBS-K1-KB-BK
  • Valkoinen APM-RBS-K1-KB-WH