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  • Eterno Coolmax tekniset sukat
  • Eterno Coolmax tekniset sukat
  • Eterno Coolmax tekniset sukat
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Eterno Coolmax tekniset sukat

Normaalihinta €15,95 EUR
Normaalihinta Myyntihinta €15,95 EUR
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Eterno Coolmax tekniset sukat

Design by the guest artist Nacho Eterno, multidisciplinary artist based in Barcelona. With a colorful and minimalistic aesthetic style, Eternal illustrations, graffiti and tatoos are inspired by ancient cultures; indigenous, mexican and african art. Get a piece of his imaginary full of animals and colors in this socks in collaboration with Pacific and Co.

For enhanced comfort and durability, the Eterno Socks have reinforced heel and toe, as well as an elastic arch support and a self-adjusted cuff to fix the sock on your feet. Signature logo at the sole.

Keep your feet looking fresh with these Pacific and Co. socks. Machine wash in 30 °C. Avoid bleaching or ironing the socks. Socks will last longer if you keep them out of the tumble dryer.

Medium length unisex socks (Height: 16 cm) for all weather conditions


  • Koot S-M (37-41) ja L-XL (42.45)
  • Materiaali 80% Coolmax, 10% Cotton, 6% Nylon, 4% Elastic
  • Soveltuu Pyöräily, juoksu, crossfit ja muu aktiiviliikunta
  • Varren pituus 16cm