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Tekniset sukat "Sometimes"

They defeat you only if you want it: if you do not want to, you take advantage of that loss to learn something new. It is not a motto, nor a phrase to make history, but a lifestyle applicable to sports, relationships and day to day. Designed to train and compete in hot and humid climates, Pacific and Co. performance cycling socks are designed for maximum breathability levels. Made with Polyamide yarn, they guarantee comfort and a high humidity eva- cuation and total absorption of vibration and shock.


Koot S-M (37-41) ja L-XL (42.45)
Materiaali 95% Polyamidi, 5% Elastaani
Soveltuu Pyöräily, juoksu, crossfit ja muu aktiiviliikunta
Turvallisuus  Sukassa heijastava logo
Muuta Asteittain lisääntyvä kompressio
Airflow Technology mesh designed for a maximum ventilation.
Leg + welt height of closer to 7″
Thick upper cuff for stability
Airchband support offers mid-foot stability for a better fit. Prevents sliding moves during activity. Located in the arch of the foot, it also provides for venous return and recovery.